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About our HVAC company:

HVAC technicians at NJ Heating Repair make every effort to save you money on furnace repair, boiler repair, and other heating system and HVAC repairs or replacement. NJ Heating Repair is here for you when your furnace stops working or you need a boiler repair in NJ and you need immediate service. Our Company has provided heating & air conditioning repair in Jackson NJ for almost 40 years.

 At NJ Heating Repair we treat our customers like family and their homes as if they are our own. We will repair the problem immediately and restore your heating system at an affordable price. Please contact us today for an appointment by calling (732) 961-6544.

Affordable Services

It is our efficiency and low cost operation that make HVAC services near you affordable. We don’t invest in expensive advertising or trucks. At NJ Heating Repair we concentrate on having senior technicians available to quickly repair your existing equipment.

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Customer Testimonials

“Affordable services installed my furnace 2 years ago when I had a problem that was out of warranty. John repaired the furnace promptly and at an affordable cost. We appreciate the service provided and the extra effort to keep us, the customer, happy. Highly recommended.” – David P.   

“My wife and I went with another HVAC repair company that left us with a large bill and a broken heating system. We found Affordable Services who made the proper repairs quickly and at a much more reasonable cost.” – Mark A.

” My family highly recommends Affordable Services to our friends and family. One call and in under an hour the technician showed up and repaired our broken heater. We can’t get Chinese food that quick!” – John A. 

 “We had our furnace recently serviced by another HVAC repair company near me and it still does not work properly. When we use the heat during very cold nights we experience a chronic problem that repeats annually. We called Affordable Services furnace repair hotline in New Jersey and the gentleman who answered immediately detected the issue. It happened to be a snow drift covering our vent. The competition charged me $350 in the past. Meanwhile, John and his technician charged a fraction of the price.  They even cleared the snow with a shovel to make sure our heat functioned properly!  We had a great experience and no problems since their visit. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. People we highly recommend.” – James D.

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